BZ Smith

Welcome to Hive Arts

BZ Smith launched her professional life in 1973. She brings folks together to build and create. One of her favorite "hobbies" is connecting people with common interests to share skills. "I love introducing people who want to build collaborations: People-to-People connecting the dots!"

A few years back, BZ and friends thought up the name "Hive-Arts" ~ A sustainable collective of folks who want to make sweet magic, just like those bees.

Today BZ, THE TEACHER, can help others learn how to organize projects and outline support teams.BZ, THE PERFORMER, still enjoys being out in the world sharing her art form. And BZ, THE STORYTELLER, will just keep sharing tales and passing them to new generations until the lights go out.

How about getting in touch to share your dreams and skills? We'd love to help you sprout your wings, so you'll find yourself buzzing around in the world of the ARTS!

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